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HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is a high-performance impregnating treatment to protect natural stone against staining and the harmful effects of water and rising damp. It is characterised by a 100% water-based, eco-friendly formula and for its lack of volatile organic compounds (V.O.C. Free), therefore, its use is not harmful to the environment or for the health of users, either during or after application. The specific characteristic of HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is that it penetrates natural stone deep down, guaranteeing strong, lasting protection without compromising the original breathability of the surface, since it does not create any type of film. It also does not alter the original appearance of the material. HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is a product that combines water-repellent properties with a stain-proofing function in a single solution, especially on glossy surfaces. It also adds a marked resistance to rising damp, responsible for the majority of problems generally found on natural stone: persistent damp marks, formation of rust, yellow damp marks, flaking or detached surfaces (pitting), salt efflorescence and surface aggressions. Unlike traditional stain-proofing protective treatments available, HIDRO PROTECTOR MM helps to increase the resistance of the natural material to dirt and foot traffic, working as a definitive solution due to its high resistance to the action of de-waxers. HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is also certified for contact with foods and therefore, is a valid solution for protecting kitchen worktops.


HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is particularly recommended for pre-installation treatment on natural surfaces:


– it is used as a 6-side pre-treatment to combat any form of rising damp and to guarantee maximum protection. In this case, the installation of slabs or tiles must be carried out using high-quality adhesive or mechanical fastening.
– it is used as a 5-side pre-treatment (top+edge) without any further processes. In this case, the installation of slabs or tiles must be carried out using a medium-high-quality adhesive.
– It can be used as a pre-treatment on 5 sides (top+edge), together with a treatment applied to the underside (bottom), in the event that slabs or tiles are used with a medium-low quality adhesive or simple cement-mortar mix.


HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is an extremely valid solution to stain- and waterproof natural stone that has already been laid. In this case, however, the protection against rising damp will depend on the moisture already present inside the material, which will have already been subject to moisture during the laying process. To get the best possible performance, including with regard to protection against rising damp, it is therefore necessary for the surface to be free from older damp stains and it is also important to make sure that the surface being treated is as dry as possible; this is to allow the product to penetrate correctly. In any case, it is always preferable to pre-treat natural stone. In both cases, pre- or post-installation, HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is an excellent stain-proofing product for glossy compact surfaces that have been polished, brushed or flamed. In case of application to rough, matt or unfinished surfaces, HIDRO PROTECTOR MM can be combined with a surface stain-proofer to achieve maximum performance; it will act as a primer to maximise the effectiveness and durability of the stain-proofing treatment applied successively.


HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is strongly indicated to treat natural stone before it is smoothed and polished, especially when there is a high degree of absorption and an excessive use of abrasives (diamond discs). HIDRO PROTECTOR MM makes polishing operations simpler, limiting water absorption by the surface, preventing the problems linked to the passage of moisture, drastically reducing the time needed for surfaces to dry and limiting the use and overheating of the accessories used for polishing, extending working life as a result.

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